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The Moontones are an all-star 7-piece band consisting of members from all over the globe. They'll be sure to treat you to a show packed with all the best swinging dance tunes, covering an array of styles from jump blues to mixed rhythm and blues to jive. So, strap on those dancing shoes, find a show, and come jive with the Moontones!

Lil Mo and The Dynaflos Rockin' '50s - Early '60's style classic and original Doo Wop, Rhythm & Blues.

Update: Lil' Mo is not feeling well enough to be here. But we do have a "Lil' Surprise" that you won't want to miss! 

​Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos came about one night around 2004 at the World Famous Derby Club in Los Angeles as "Lil' Mo" Morris Everett and Cliff Quan discussed their love for Doo Wop music. Lil' Mo, being a veteran of previous vocal groups and Cliff, being an avid Doo Wop listener and rockabilly guitar player in the LA band “The Hellzaboppers”, decided "Why not give it a go ourselves"? The rest is history!


Don't miss this high energy, kick-ass, 50’s style rhythm & blues band from Southern California!!  Wild Records Artist

They rocked Viva Las Vegas! 

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J.P. McDermott and Western Bop play rockabilly and old-style rock and roll. When they do, people dance. They just can’t help it. With a fun, fresh mix of great songs by the likes of Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and the very early Beatles (plus a bunch of fine original tunes in the same vein), a good time is guaranteed for all. This is no oldies act -- it’s live and vital and rockin’ and real. Back before folks knew it was Rock and Roll they called it Western Bop.

Carl Sonny Leyland  

Originally from the South of England, Carl Sonny Leyland grew up with the sounds of American music from the 1930s, 40s, & 50s via his father's record collection. While initially drawn to Rock & Roll of the 1950s, his inspiration to take up piano at age 15 was the Boogie Woogie & Blues of Albert Ammons, Freddie Slack & other greats of the Swing Era. With over forty years in the business, Leyland is able to transition smoothly from early jazz to swing, country to rock & roll, incorporating elements of each into his own style.

Morris Everett III aka "Lil' Mo is the Cleveland born creature whose first record was Elvis and first 45 was Jackie we need to say more? Yes? Ok! Rockabilly is his middle name, but perhaps Doo-Wop and Country Swing should take some credit for the way this feller's turned out as well. Mo has been an entertainer in the Los Angeles area for a few decades with three current bands that are touring the world, this year alone will see him playing in France and England and for the first time, headlining in Australia! Oh, He sings a bit.......sometimes people thinks it's halfway decent!" - Lil' Mo

Pachuco Jose y Los Diamantes will be joining the Revue with his own brand of red-hot Mexabilly.

"Midnight Mayhem" show Saturday Night...

"Making with that midnight swing just like hoodlums have been doing since stockings could be rolled. We dress like a horror movie & play like the devil."

- Marquis W Howell II

Rick Jumpin Joz brings the house down with the Big Band sound of the 1940s and the Jump Blues rockers of the 1950s! Louis Prima, Ray Charles, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Louie Jordan, Gene Krupa, and more are on the menu when Joz and the gang are cookin'! They've played for Disney, they've played for ABC, they've played for kings and queens and jokers alike. Come hear them blasting those horns and bangin' those drums and try not to get up and dance!

Ashley is a talented vocal performer with a keen eye for vintage fashion and a voice so sweet you'll beg for seconds! She's appeared in numerous Hollywood films and on the stages of some of LA's most prestigious nightclubs. Classically trained yet ever with an ear toward the 1940s and 50s, Ashley has turbocharged the LA Swing scene with her fresh takes on Peggy Lee, Doris Day, The Andrews Sisters, Keely Smith, and more! Hear her sing the classics, swing the tunes, and rock the oldies with Jumpin Joz. You'll fall in love!

Jumpin Joz with Ashley Anne